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Before you register, read tips on how to choose the best Group based on baby's age, timing and selecting the correct neighborhood. Click on multiple neighborhoods or group types to see additional options that may be near you. Site-based locations are wheelchair accessible.

We are slowly reintroducing in-person Newborn, Second Time Around, and Baby Peppers Groups at a limited number of community sites in 2022 for fully vaccinated adults. The majority of PEPS programming will continue to be offered virtually. We will continue to share updates on our News page and through email when there are changes.

Start Date/TimeNeighborhoodGroup Type LocationTime of DayMeeting FormatDay Of WeekEvent ID.Description
9/22/2022 11:30 AMNW SeattleBaby Peppers (5-12 months)Good Shepherd Center Room 202 (4649 Sunnyside Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103)MorningIn-personThursday22415 In Person Pilot

Read more about our return to in-person Groups:

10/25/2022 1:30 PMCentral SeattleBaby Peppers (5-12 months)Virtual Meeting SpaceAfternoonVirtualTuesday22916
9/20/2022 10:30 AMKirklandBaby Peppers (5-12 months)Virtual Meeting SpaceMorningVirtualTuesday22917
10/19/2022 12:00 PMEdmonds/LynnwoodBaby Peppers (5-12 months)Virtual Meeting SpaceAfternoonVirtualWednesday22919
7/21/2022 10:30 AMBellevueBaby Peppers (5-12 months)Virtual Meeting SpaceMorningVirtualThursday22913
9/12/2022 12:00 PMWest SeattleBaby Peppers (5-12 months)Virtual Meeting SpaceAfternoonVirtualMonday22914
10/5/2022 10:30 AMNW SeattleBaby Peppers (5-12 months)Virtual Meeting SpaceMorningVirtualWednesday22915
11/7/2022 10:30 AMNE SeattleBaby Peppers (5-12 months)Virtual Meeting SpaceMorningVirtualMonday22920
12/9/2022 10:30 AMBellevueBaby Peppers (5-12 months)Virtual Meeting SpaceMorningVirtualFriday22921
12/13/2022 1:30 PMNW SeattleBaby Peppers (5-12 months)Virtual Meeting SpaceAfternoonVirtualTuesday22922