PEPS Programs


PEPS programming

The PEPS experience strengthens families, increases family wellness, and prepares families to cope with life stresses by creating thriving neighborhood-based new parent groups.


You must create a profile and login before you can register for a Group. For details on the best Group for you and how to choose the correct neighborhood, please review the FAQs page.

Program fees for PEPS Groups vary from $160-$210. If the regular fee is at all going to be a stretch for you, please ask us for financial assistance.

PEPS Groups are fun and social, and each meeting includes time for sharing parenting highs and lows, time to focus on the babies' development and a discussion topic. Topics include feeding, sleeping, child development, balancing work and baby, self-care and many more.

PEPS Groups

Neighborhood-based groups for new parents with babies 2-16 weeks old. Groups meet in the homes of group members, in daytime groups with one parent attending (the same parent attends each week), or evening sessions with one or both parents.

Second Time Around
Focuses on the newborn in a family with one or more older children. One parent attends with the newborn 2-16 weeks old in neighborhood-based groups. The same parent attends each week.

Little Peppers
For families with 2 children ages 3 & under, typically a toddler and a newborn. One parent attends with both children at a community location. The same parent attends each week. Babies and children remain in the room with their parents for the entire meeting. A professional facilitator leads the group with the assistance of a trained childcare provider.

Baby Peppers
Baby Peppers is for one parent and their older baby, ages 5-12 months. The same parent attends each week. Groups meet at a community location.

PEPS Network Groups
The PEPS Network Groups provide parent peer-support groups to families, including LGBTQ Families, Adoption Families, and Twins & Multiples.

Program fees for PEPS Groups vary from $160-$210. If the regular fee is at all going to be a stretch for you, please ask us for financial assistance.

Other Programs

In addition to PEPS Groups, we provide a variety of other events and resources that support new parents.

Adjusting to Parenthood
Adjusting to Parenthood is a support group that offers additional support for the emotional changes and challenges of adapting to parenthood. We offer these drop-in sessions, which are facilitated by professional therapists, in partnership with Perinatal Support Washington. Registration is not required.

While You’re Waiting
Attend a free, one-time drop-in While You're Waiting to learn about PEPS.

PEPS for Dads
PEPS for Dads events are held quarterly. Programs typically include a short presentation, discussion and time for camaraderie with other dads. Registration will be available prior to each event.

PEPS Parent Talk Lecture Series
PEPS Lectures are for parents to continue to learn and share with others beyond their initial PEPS Group experience.

PEPS for Grandparents
PEPS serves involved and interested grandparents with events and lectures designed specifically for their needs.